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The UFO Lame - An Owner's Review

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Grant Bakes

The UFO Lame - An Owner's Review

Hey, bakers!

I know that UFO Bread Lames from Wire Monkey Shop have been talked about for a while, specifically in the online sourdough bread community. Since I've had a UFO lame for seven months and I've been using it actively, I thought I would make a full review of this type of lame. Hope it's helpful for anyone who is considering purchasing one of these, or any other type of lame. Enjoy!




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Like yourself, I've tried more than my share of lames. The UFO style has turned out to be my preference for the same 4 reasons/rating points you discuss in the video. More control and a superior result definitely factors into my preference. Your video is excellent! I look forward to seeing more!

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I have a similar lame that I’m using now that replaced my original one with the handle.  I much prefer this style, the blade is held onto the circular wooden base very securely and doesn’t come off while scoring, unlike the Breadtopia one I used to have.  Although I have little artistic ability one could more easily do intricate scoring patterns on the dough with this style of lame.


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Mini Oven

blade... To me it is like making me paint a life size portrait with one inch long brush. Ok for a couple of strokes cramping the hand near to the blade but in the long run with many loaves, the longer handled lame gives more room for full arm, less stress on particular fingers, wrist and shoulder muscles. A longer handle (like a longer handled paint brush) gives a smoother arch/curve when cutting and greater variation in speed control.  So I have to wonder about the "control" evaluation. One may have immediate control for a small surface area but it is very limited. Much in the same way a single razor blade held with the hand is limiting.  Focus and stress is concentrated on using a finger and the thumb locking most the muscles up to the neck making it hard to relax and move the whole hand and arm.  

Just saying this needs to be considered.