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Cornish Saffron Buns

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Cornish Saffron Buns

This is the second time I've made these buns and they really are very tasty. I was so pleased with the first batch that I used exactly the same recipe second time around.

The recipe is courtesy of chef Rick Stein. I watched him make the buns in an episode of his recent Cornwall series. I more or less followed his recipe, but, as always, did a few tweaks:

  • I upped the saffron to 0.7g (no expense spared!), to get more flavour and colour in. Also when using saffron I like to grind up the strands in a pestle and mortar with a tspn of sugar and a little of the milk

  • soak the dried fruit (I used 40g currants and 30g raisins) in the milk for an hour before using

  • I used a flour mix at 11% protein - if the flour is too strong the buns could be chewy

  • mixed in the Kenwood, 5 mins slowest and 5 mins faster - check for a good windowpane, then add fruit on slowest

  • buns scaled at 92g x 12 pieces

  • egg yolk wash and baking regime as in my hot cross bun recipe - I don't like sugar syrup glaze

  • if you like saffron, be prepared for a heavenly smell in the kitchen when you make these!




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Oh, yum!!

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These look and sound decadent! Really nice!



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Love the colour of the crumb. Looks delicious.

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The colour is amazing Lance, I can smell them from here.


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Thank you everyone - do give them a try if you get a chance; you will be hooked!