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Looking for new range and/or wall oven

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Looking for new range and/or wall oven

Hello everyone,

This is my first post; so happy to have found this website!  :)

The oven on my American Range 30" gas range has been extremely troublesome since we bought it over 10 years ago, and it's finally given up as we have replaced every element with no answers as to why it keeps having issues. American Range customer support is pretty much non-existent; at least for their residential product line. 

I'm looking for some advice/recommendations on another American-made range or wall oven, since I have a current cabinet opening for a non-working JennAir wall oven/microwave combo.  Since the American Range gas stovetop is still working, I was thinking of perhaps just going with a new wall oven rather than replacing the entire range.

One thing I have really liked about the American Range oven is the fact that it can take full sheet pans, so I'd like that in my new oven.  I had narrowed it down to a Blue Star electric oven, which I heard is more reliable long-term, but recently heard mixed reviews on whether that's actually true (lots of repair issues).

I don't want or need a "smart" oven.  I just want something with simple electronics, made in the USA.  I'm open to either gas or electric; my main concern is reliability and a large internal oven size.

I would really appreciate some recommendations.  I've been baking in my little Breville Smart Oven Air for months now and really want a real oven again!

Thanks in advance for your help!  :)

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Find yourself a vintage (pre-1980) range on Facebook marketplace or similar. I'm using a 1950s range that bakes very evenly. The thermostat isn't accurate - that is, I use a vintage mercury oven thermometer to make sure the temperature is at the right level but it holds heat very well.

The bonus?  they should be $100 or $200. They have NO electronics.