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Pizza Dough With Sourdough

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Pizza Dough With Sourdough

So, I have a very important question for you all who I’m sure must be more experienced than me in the subject. I have been working as a Pizza Chef for a couple of years now, using mainly wooden fired ovens, even though I also been making pastas, burgers deserts and other dishes, my main passion has definitely been working with dough and making the pizzas from scratch. 


Now I’ve been invited to start a new challenge in a new place with an electric oven, and in the meantime I’m actually creating a sourdough starter so my plan was to make the pizzas for this place, incorporating my sourdough starter in the original Pizza recipe I have, in which it is made with Baker’s Yeast instead. 

Have you guys got any advice/recipe that would work for a nice pizza crust? Can I mix both sourdough and baker’s yeast for a more time efficient dough? 

Thanks in advance 

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Tony Gemignani's excellent high-end book "The Pizza Bible" goes into pizza dough made with a combo of sourdough and commercial yeast.

And, the Kindle edition is currently, as of July 19, 2021, on sale for $4.99, normally $9.99 and the Kindle list price is $14.99.

See my write-up and a link to his videos here:

I have both the Kindle edition and a hard copy. Because you are a pizza pro, you need this book.

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Thanks for the tip. I just downloaded the kindle version from Amazon Australia - $5.99 AUD. 

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You can definitely do a hybrid sourdough pizza crust combining the flavour of a levain but spiked with a tiny amount of IDY to have it rise more efficiently.  You could start by adding 0.1% IDY to your sourdough pizza recipe and then adjust up or down from there.

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Ilya Flyamer

I've made purely sourdough pizza (Neapolitan-style) following the formula by Maurizio on Often I didn't follow the process exactly, but matched the overall formula (e.g. added much less starter and bulked longer/warmer), and every time the crust has been excellent. I have tried adding some diastatic malt powder too (0.5%), since my flour is not malted, and it speeds up browning just a little I think. I bake on steel with the grill/broiler on, the bottom crust cooks very nicely just in time when the top browns.

And of course no problems adding some commercial yeast, although I haven't tried that. I don't know about your setup, but I struggle to imagine any need to add CY though: good pizza dough takes a long time to ferment anyway, and sourdough has no problems rising it very nicely.