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Thank you Mariana and Benito!

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Thank you Mariana and Benito!

Here are my first 2 bakes following Mariana and Benito's advice...After a few weeks of complete failures using a super high-end-but-impossible-to-work-with fresh milled flour, I realized thanks to Mariana that it would be best to put the aforementioned flour aside for a while and go back to a more ''user-friendly'' one...

So here I am, with 2 beautiful loaves: I am pretty happy with the oven spring, especially compared to the flat pancakes I invariably ended with up the past few weeks! The shaping could have been better, but overall, it's not too bad... 

I am a bit disappointed with the crumb though, I was hoping it would be a tiny bit more open!

The fermentation seems to be on-point-ish, but I'm not sure...


I followed FoolProofBaking's protocol to the letter:

60% Anita's AP flour / 20% Org bread flour / 20% whole wheat flour

76% hydration

20% inoculation / Starter 100% 90% bread flour/10% Rye flour

1h autolyze

4h30 bulk at 27­C with 4 coil folds

Cold retard in the fridge at 3C

Bake at 250C for 20mn with lid (Dutch Oven) + 20mn at 230C without lid

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Beautiful breads, Gail. Congratulations! These loaves are truly perfect.

I am happy that you are relieved. Nothing compares to the misery of struggling with bad flour, or simply inadequate flour. I understand what you went through. Thank God it's over!



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Thank you for your kind words Mariana :-)

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Congratulations on two beautiful loaves. And I'll bet they taste as good as they look. 


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Thank you, Richard, they did taste like heaven!!

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Gaëlle, they are beautiful loaves that anyone would be proud of.  I think we bakers are perfectionists and our own toughest critics (I know I am of myself). I think you’ve done extremely well and I’m glad you have some success, it is so empowering when things work out so well.  Give yourself a pat on your back.


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You're ZE best, Benny :-)