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20210629 Le Cordon Bleu Brioche Fromage (100% whole-grain) with CLAS

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20210629 Le Cordon Bleu Brioche Fromage (100% whole-grain) with CLAS


To learn more about concentrated lactic acid sourdough (CLAS), please see here and here



I rarely baked whole-grain bread in the past because my family did not like it. But the whole-grain loaves I recently made with CLAS turned out so great – they were as tender and tasty as white bread - that my family did not even notice they were whole-grain! Encouraged by my family's reaction, I made another whole-grain bread with CLAS. I converted a Le Cordon Bleu formula, which mainly uses T55 flour, to 100% home-ground whole-grain flours. The workflow is super simple – four-hour pre-dough followed by less than two hours of bulk and proof.  The smell and taste of this bread is marvelous, and my family loves it! I am thrilled that I've successfully introduced more healthy foods to them!




5% whole rye CLAS

95% fresh white whole wheat, ground by Vitamix

30% eggs

40% scalded full-fat milk

0.15% gold yeast

DT 30C/86F –ish

28C/82.4F x 240mins




22.5% butter

8% scalded full-fat milk

2% salt

0.5% freshly-ground black pepper

50% Comte cheese - I could not find any semi-hard cheese (except the stinky one) from the Auvergne region, which is said to be the origin of this bread.

0.6% gold yeast



9x4x4 pullman

total dough weight ~1100g; reduce the dough weight next time to prevent the dough from overflowing the top



32C/89.6F x 45mins



32C/89.6F x 55mins



egg wash

no steam

210C/410F x 35mins

cover with foil

210C/410F x 20mins















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Lovely whole grain sandwich loaf Yippie, it’s great that your family like it.  I always hated whole grain bread as a kid, but I never had home baked as a kid.


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When I was a kid, homemade bread was not common in Hong Kong. The Garden brand was the most popular brand for bread. Their sandwich bread selection was/is called "Life Bread". They pack the sandwich loaves in cute, eye-catching bags with various colors of checkers. It's almost like a fashion statement! I remember that their whole wheat bread bag was orange, and the bread tasted very strong and weird, I didn't like it!  I had never heard of homemade bread then. Who knew that one day I would become a home baker and make any bread I like!


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No wonder your family liked this one.  The crumb looks amazing for a 100% WW.  What grains did you use to mill?

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I think this one is your type of bread - it has 50% cheese! The aroma is incredible, you must know what I mean. I used hard white wheat berries. So far all the whole-grain (100%) breads I made have nice crumb. I think CLAS must have done the trick! Give it a try if you can.