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Oat porridge variations

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Oat porridge variations

I realized I'll never to to post if I wait to organize my pictures, so just wanted to note down my recent oat porridge experiments.

My friends really like Maurizo's oat porridge loaf, and I used it to try out a couple things I've been wondering.

Round 1

Out of laziness, I wondering if soaking the oats overnight in cold water, or boiling water could compare to just making the porridge.

One thing in hindsight that seems obvious to adjust for is the hydration. The cold overnight soak was much too watery. Boiling water seemed comparable to making the oat porridge. Both overnight soaks were comparable in taste. Oat porridge definitely made a difference. It was sweeter and had more noticeable oat flavor.

Round 2

I was also curious about the difference between using oat flour vs rolled oats when making the porridge. The oat flour was a bit more flavorful. I was surprised I saw no difference in texture and crumb. I'm not very consistent with that though, so I want repeat this.

After all this, I realized I'm essentially doing a tangzhong or scald and adding it to the bread. I really want to explore this more with some different grains. Found this post on scalding helpful.


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Ilya Flyamer

Excellent link on scalding, thank you for sharing.

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Yes, I thought it was so helpful and the other posts as well since I'm interested in trying some rye bread.

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Thank you for sharing that great link about scalding.


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You're welcome. The whole blog has some interesting information, although sometimes I read so much yet I don't really remember until I just try it out.