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Hi from David and Dinner@me

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Hi from David and Dinner@me

Im in love with great taste and passionate about my cooking. I enjoy sharing my creations. Mainly, I cook for my family. That stretches me a lot. Vegetarians, vegans, macro diet fanatics and "normal" eaters [ is such a thing exists] - however, they all appreciate a fine feed.........

I love making sauces, have some mastery of working with fish, and love all things egg. My go-to fixer-upper is fish sauce. I use both vegan and normal varieties.

During "the lockdown", I dived into sourdough bread making [ me and a billion others:)  ] . Meet Garry and Gary-1, they are my 2 starters. Today I begin my 6th Build. I make 2 breads at a time.

Today I will make a change to my normal recipe by using a new flour - Its to 23gms of protein/100gms - WOW  for me that's amazing. My wife bakes Challah every Friday and used this flour for her last bake -- ohhh my - it was amazing- great stretchy crumb and fabulous shape. 

Ill report back soon.


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Thanks for posting!  Please share photos of your creations.  I enjoy making sauces, and generally all food groups and meal courses.  Pastries are also fun.