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Restore Hobart N50 in San Francisco area?

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Restore Hobart N50 in San Francisco area?

I just acquired a very old Hobart N50.  It's amazingly beefy compared to my Kitchenaid. It still works, although the paint is in rough shape.  I'd love to get it restored, re-painted and serviced.

I called Hobart in Sacramento and they were quite reluctant, they said "parts no longer available" and they wouldn't do the paint anyway.

I found a guy in Montana who does fantastic work, but shipping back and forth from San Francisco to Montana will be troublesome and expensive.  Does anyone know of a repair shop in Northern California that would restore an N50?


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An idea about the paint: we have a firearm store here in MN that paints guns. The staff there is willing to paint anything that is smallish and metal, mixers included. The quality of their work is higher and the options are more varied than anyone in the Hobart refurbishing world. Something like this might be worth inquiring about in your area.

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I have a Kitchen Aid. I got free and rebuilt it - all the problems were created in the plant!

Kitchen Aid looks cute but it’s a toy compared to this.

You are lucky to acquire this beauty!

You are also quite technical because you bake ... 

So an off-the-wall option could be a DIY patina/ratrod look?

Rub off the loose or flaking paint.

Clean and de-grease it all all really well.Then blast it with a few coats of Wurth alloy wheel lacquer.

Optional: Decorate with decals, stick-on pinstripes before final lacquer coat.