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Poppy Seeds

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Poppy Seeds


Poppy Seeds

Being of Central Europe descent I am fond of poppy seeds on my bread and in desserts, but be aware that if you consume them it may give a false positive for opiates in a drug test. 

It is known that they can be detected in urine up to 48 hours after consumption and may persist even longer. If you are expecting a drug test, it is best to avoid poppy seeds for at least several days beforehand.

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Ibor, not an appropriate question for this forum. I suggest you find a medical or forensic forum to post this request.



EDIT:  I did not intend my comments above to be disrespectful in any way. I was just suggesting that if Ibor wanted an experts opinion he should go to the experts. I think Benny's opinion is credible as he is in the medical field. Also, anecdotal information is also ok but should be supported by creditable sources. 

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My husband had a poppy seed muffin. He tested positive on a random drug test that day. Told them he ate a muffin and they said come back another time. He went back in a few days later and he did fine. But I figured everyone on here are already knew about that. I mean, poppy seeds are from poppy plants after all.

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Most medical labs have altered increased the lower cut off for urine testing for opiates such that consumption of poppy seeds in food doesn’t often cause a positive result.  Poppy seeds are usually processed such that the opiate levels are reduced by up to 90%, although this will vary from country to country of origin of the poppy seeds.  If a lab hasn’t adapted to the higher lower end cut off then yes eating a poppy seed bagel can cause a positive urine test for up to 16 hours after eating it.  This is my understanding.


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I think the problem comes in when a thick ribbon of poppy seed filling is consumed such as in a thickly filled kolachi,beigli or other cakes/breads. There is so much more poppy seed in those fillings.

Good to be aware these days as drug testing is becoming very common in all walks of life.

Watch out for CBD gummy bears/foods/topicals,too! That can skew test results and is an over the counter product.

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There have been a couple of times that I refrained from eating Slovak poppy seed roll (with that delicious ribbon of sweetened poppy seeds you alluded to) before pre-employment drug screenings. Our family usually made these around Christmas and Easter and it just so happened that one year I was starting a new job in the Spring soon after Easter.