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Proofing issue?

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Proofing issue?

Hey guys!


I’m having a really hard time with this and could use some help. I am currently making burger buns around 100 grams with multiple doughs (all have 1% instant active yeast). I’m constantly getting large air pockets at the top of SOME of the buns, I would say about 20-30%. I mix the dough till fully developed,  let rise for 2-3 hours then cold ferment the dough overnight till the next morning where I shape proof and bake. I don’t feel or see any large air pockets when shaping. I have tried warm and ambient temp proofs but all still have air pockets. 

please advise!  

thank you very much!!!! 

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Punch it down good before shape and final proof? Enjoy!

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I haven’t seen that in buns but when I have seen that in loaves it is usually secondary to overproofing.  As the dough overproofs, the gluten weakens from proteolysis so it can no longer withstand the increasing pressure of the expanding gases as they expand in the oven.  You can then see the crust almost detaching from the crumb.

Regarding punching down, I assume since you shape before final proof the dough is getting pretty thoroughly punched down so I don’t suspect that is the problem.  You may however be doing too long a final proof.


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1% IDY seems like a high rate. I'd try reducing that to 0.5% and see if it improves matters - this could tie in with Benny's overproofing thought.