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Want to see my data? Ask me questions? Offer opinion? Any advice?

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Trent's Bread

Want to see my data? Ask me questions? Offer opinion? Any advice?

Copy of Data v2


As you can tell by the batch number, I have been tracking data for just about one year now. However, I only recently added and organized a pH and TTA column. 

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Thanks for providing this Trent - it's very interesting. I'm just not sure where sleep fits into it.....

A couple of questions:

  • how are you doing TTA measurement and do you find it useful?
  • how are you determining bulk completion? By eye and feel or volume increase/pH?
  • are you using Gérard's old diving arm mixer? 


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Trevor J Wilson

I have only one question, what is your interpretation of your data? 

Or to put it another way, what would you teach us? 

I tried to buy some of your bread the other day, but it sold out so quickly I was too late. I'll try again soon. But I've heard nothing except good things of you and your bread. The lady at the store said I need to be there early if I hoped to snag a loaf. That's a good sign, I think. I also trained with Gerard, but not for very long. I had hoped one of his apprentices would take over, and so I'm happy that you have. Perhaps I might visit one of these days? OK, I guess that's a second question. But truly, I'd love to know more of your experiences with Gerard, and your general thoughts and approach to bread baking. Please share whatever you feel is worth sharing.




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This is an unbelievable opportunity.  Thank you, Trent.  I'm currently on "Chef 3" for a bake tomorrow and was literally pouring over thoughts for tomorrow's bake - which may be different, I know, as I'm trying to use M. Rubaud's bread as a model for learning (as discussed), and yours is your own bread.  If I could, just a few questions?

From your data, your hydration of 75.8% - is this your overall hydration, then?  Is this an adjustment down from M. Rubaud's normal hydration (I'd read his was around 79% overall.  Cake batter, to my amateurish hands).

Your levain percent - this is your levain percent in the final dough, not the % of pre-fermented flour, correct?

I'm interested in your use of TTA.  I am experienced in French alpine cheesemaking, done traditionally (making my own rennet from vells brought in from France, for example).  It was my experience many farmhouse makers, in particular goat cheesemakers, favored TTA over pH, yet here in the States I don't actually know anyone taking titrations and using TTA (this again is cheese, my only experience here), relying on pH instead.  I have to admit I find taking TTA titrations during a given cheesemaking session to be cumbersome, and stopped doing them. 

Would you mind talking a bit about what these measurements give you, comparatively speaking (I don't mean literally, definitionally give you, but give you in practical decision-making as a breadmaker)?

Thanks so much for this thread.  Looking forward eagerly.