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5hr dough with Italian flours

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5hr dough with Italian flours

 Italian La Molisana "00" DI GRANO TENARO 75% and il Molino Durum Wheat Fine Semolina. @ 75% and 25% respectively. 2 x Epi's out of the oven now and what a great day to have it on too! This is a 5 hour bulk fermentation using just 1% compressed yeast, it did finish at the desired dough temperature but did loose a bit of temperature during BF but was quite happy Final proving in the back of the station wagon which was quite a bit warmer than the house! i am very pleased with the results from these longer fermented doughs.


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They look very good. Nicely improvised in managing the temperature, it worked well. The flour combination would taste great.



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I will be cutting with the scissors at a greater angle next  time to get more pointy  segments. they were nice and crunchy though. 

regards Derek

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Inviting looking breads Derek, just make you want to take a piece, eh?

You wouldn't happen to have a pic of the breads before baking so that I can try and work out what you mean about using a greater angle with the scissors?



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Hi Jon  really good to see you have completed your details and so nice i am able to  to see you are hailing from Cape Town, South Africa.

It's one of my pet hates when people  don't bother with that important task of sharing their details especially if they are chasing advice and help, i am afraid that these days if they cant be bothered .neither can i with a response.!

Anyway yes i was happy with this dough and the resulting bread it was quite a nice hard finish to the break off portions. Unfortunately i didnt do any pics of the process but can offer this  link and it shows perfectly what i meant with getting a  better point to the ends of the scissor cuts, hope this helps

Kind regards Derek 

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Wonderful epis Derek, the addition of the seeds is always a winner for me.  Well done.