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Baguette with Ooni oven

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Baguette with Ooni oven


Has anyone successfully baked bread with Ooni oven?

I got a couple of questions for the experienced out there.

1) How long does it take to preheat the oven stone to 500F with the Ooni? I'm trying to cut down the 45min oven stone preheat time when in home ovens.

2) Is it terribly difficult in creating steam and oven spring given the limited space and setup?





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Kelvin,  I have the Ooni Koda 16 - though I only use it for pizza.  If your question is how long to get the stone to preheat to 500, my guess is around 10 minutes, though it could be longer or shorter, I normally want it to be closer to 700 when I load a pie.  It would be nearly impossible to keep steam in the oven - the whole front is open when the burner is on.  One possibility, which would take some creative work on your part would be to preheat the oven to 650 or so, fabricate a door that completely sealed off the oven, then turn off the burner, then put the steaming stuff in  ( like Slyvia's steaming towels ) then close the door -  then part way through the bake, take the door off to release steam, then leave the door mostly closed to keep in the heat.   I did something similar a few times with a different pizza oven, but the door shape was easier to fabricate, and it had a much thicker stone and much more insulation to retain the heat -  but I didn't think it was worth the effort.  With the Ooni, you may not have enough residual heat to bake the bread because the stone is fairly thin .  If you had no other options,  you would have to experiment a few times with preheat times, and would likely have to add another stone, or maybe some firebricks to get more retained heat - at the expense of a longer preheat time.