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1-2-3 bake with Revived Starter

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1-2-3 bake with Revived Starter

So my rye starter from almost 2 years ago is going strong. I did a 1:2:2 feeding and it doubled in 6 hours so I decided to bake a 1-2-3 loaf with it. The dough was super sticky, like octopus sticky ( I first tried wetting my hands, but that only worked a little bit, so then I had to just use flour, about 1/4 of a cup and it still stuck (like chewing gum, #3 on the link) to my Silpat. I suspect my starter may have run out of food (or I didn't let it rise the second time enough) since my rolls didn't rise very high, they stayed pretty squat. They tasted fine with a bit of a zing from rye flour. My youngest said it was too salty and my oldest smeared peanut butter on top and loved it.

My measurements were this:

50g starter (all rye, it was a 1:2:2)

100g Water

125g AP Flour

25g Rye Flour

25g Malted Milk Powder

1/2 T olive oil

4g Salt (I was going for 3g, but it poured out a bit fast and it's hard to pick out salt from flour.)

And melted butter for brushing right before going into a 375F oven for 15 minutes.

i did a few stretch and folds, did a letter fold a few times, and more stretch and folds over the course of a few hours. Then popped it in the refrigerator over night. Hardly any gluten development, if any. I did not see any strands, just big blobs of chewing gum. So I'm not sure why it was like this. I am a beginner when it comes to dough, but I've had better luck the commercial yeast no-knead bread. I want to to try Trevor's loaf bread next, the one where he uses bread flour, rye and spelt. He has a good video I've watched a few times, so I guess I'll go feed my starter and hope for the best for next time. Here's a link to his loaf: I wish I could make bread that pretty and take pictures that well.