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flour flying out of the mill

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flour flying out of the mill

Just got a new nutrimill.  Did the first round of 2 cups flour as recommended by the instruction manual.  Flour flew out of the mill.  This happened sometimes with my old one too -- I was hoping with the new one I would not have this problem but it is even WORSE than it was with the old one. 


How can I prevent this?  

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Give Pleasant Hill Grain a call. Their techs are outstanding!

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Thanks for the encouragement, I called and they guided me through correct placement of the bowl to catch the flour.  It's quite simple really, once you know there is a little place in the back where you kind of hook the bowl on to keep it in place.  I had no idea that was there and was always just pushing the bowl back and eyeballing the alignment.  

An ever-so-light dusting of flour still seemed to be escaping the first time I used it after doing this.  Second time none.  Hope it stays this way.  SUCH A RELIEF!

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Which model NutriMill did you get?  Classic, Plus, or Harvest?

From where, from what part, is the flour flying out ?

If it is the NutriMill Plus model, the flour is supposed to really fly out the mill's normal flour-exit-tube.  

The flour collection bin, the round container accessory, is there to be connected via the tube and to catch the flour.  The mill is not designed to be operated without the flour collection bin connected to the mill.

The flour collection bin also has an air filter. A lot of air comes out the mill's flour-exit-tube, and goes into the flour collection bin,  and there is flour dust in that air. The bin's filter is there to trap the dust, and let the air pass through and escape the bin.

There are also more parts inside the flour collection bin that are designed to separate the flour from the air, keeping the flour in the bin, and sending the air out through the filter.

If you connected the flour collection bin to the flour mill, but did not put the air filter in place, or if other internal bin  parts are missing, then flour and dust would fly out from the bin where that filter should be.

Good luck, amigo.  It's great that you are milling your own flour.

-- Another idea...

If you have the Plus model, check the manual that came with your mill to verify that you have all the parts. If you did not receive the full manual, see this web page for parts to verify that you have all the parts:

Here is the Plus model's main page:

Again, wishing you the best.

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Often a question does not include enough information to give a correct answer. My reply may be off base as I own a NutriMill Classic.
The Flour Bowl must be pushed all the way in so that the word "Yes" molded into the base is visible. There is also a rubber nub between the bowl and mill. This nub must be glued in and not be loose. Twice I have forgotten to push the bowl in completely. It is astonishing how quickly one can be covered in flour that sprays out. This is called "Operator Error" in my case.

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I got a nutrimill classic. 

Will call them as soon as they open.  

It is brand new out of the box and I as far as I can tell I did push it all way in as Grain Brain described but I will try again.  Only thing is I am not sure I see any rubber nub. 

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"Nub" is a term that Nutrimill uses to describe the rubber sealing ring between the flour bowl and where its opening mates with the mill itself. On mine the nub on the lid of the bowl is white, and is black where a second or mating nub is glued to where flour exits the mill. I use a brush to keep both seals dusted off regularly.
Instructions written by PHG bemoan the fact that Nutrimill occasionally does not glue both nubs down securely. 
Your flour "leakage" is due to these two seals either not mating properly due to flour build up, or to a seal (nub) not being glued down completely. The problem seems easy to resolve and now you know where and why it occurs. Shame that it had to happen in the first place. Hope you will be satisfied from now on.