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Raisin Sourdough with a Hint of Cinnamon

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Raisin Sourdough with a Hint of Cinnamon

This recipe is from Jon (Golgi70). I changed the quantities to make 3 loaves and added honey upon his suggestion as well as my usual bit of yogurt to tenderize the crust. Original recipe is here:

I changed a few things in the method and those are noted. 


ETA: I probably should have left things alone when it came to bulk proofing. I over fermented them again. Lately, I’m really struggling when it comes to loaves with dried fruit in them. 


Rye levain: 6-8 hours

254 g freshly milled Rye Flour

254  filtered water

78 g Starter


Raisin Soak:

156 g  Raisins

156 g  hot water

1/2 tsp vanilla extract 



780 g  Strong Bakers Unbleached Flour

98 g  Freshly Milled Red Fife Wheat

4 g Cinnamon

404 g  filtered water

50 g honey

30g whole milk yogurt 

23 g pink Himalayan Salt


Afternoon before:

1)Take 6 g of refrigerated starter and feed it 12 g each of filtered water and rye flour. 


Night before:

1)Feed the levain 24 g each filtered water and rye flour. 

2)Put the flours in a tub and set aside. 


Early on dough making day:

1)  Make the Rye levain and let sit in a warm spot for 6-8 hours. 

    - In the meantime, soak raisins with hot water and vanilla. Cover and let sit.

2)  One hour before the levain is ready, drain raisins and save the raisin water. 

3) When levain is ready, in a stand mixer’s bowl, add the levain, water, raisin water, dough flour, honey, yogurt, and cinnamon. Mix until combined. Let rest for one hour. 

4)  Add salt to bowl and mix on speed one to combine well (3 minutes)

     -Turn to speed 2 and continue mixing for 5 minutes.

     -Add raisins and mix on low until well dispersed, about 2 minutes. 

Note: After the first batch was climbing the hook, I added the raisins in with the salt, did 3 minutes on speed 1 and 5 minutes on speed 2. This seemed to help with the climbing dough issue. 

5)  Bulk ferment at room temperature (77F) for 4 hours with coil folds at 45 and 90 minutes. 

Note: After the first coil fold, the doughs felt cool and were stiffer than I liked so I popped it into the oven with the light on (~82F)to finish bulk. I also added 30 minutes to the bulk so the dough would reach 50% rise. In retrospect, this whole thing was a mistake. 

6)  Divide into 3 equal portions oh 760 g and preshape.  Let rest on the counter for 20 minutes.  (Dough felt off so I didn’t let it test very long on the counter). 

   -Then do a final shape, place into bannetons and into the fridge for the night. 


Baking day:

  • Set the oven to 475F and heat the Dutch ovens for an hour. 

   - Bake straight from the fridge at 450 F covered for 25 minutes, then uncovered at 425 F for 22 minutes more.


 I need to get my act together when it comes to loaves with dried fruit in them. The dough just feels so heavy while doing the coils folds that I let it bulk for longer than I would normally. Any hints out there? Should the dough feel that heavy?