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Please allow me to introduce myself ...

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Biased turkey

Please allow me to introduce myself ...

I'm Jacques from Belgium.

I started homebrewing  in ... 1987, of course homebrewing and bread baking go hand in hand but I produced my first loaf just 3years ago.

I decided to join The Fresh Loaf forum because I'm impressed by the high quality content of the posts..

I own just 1 baking book "artisans bread every day" where I discovered the dough  cold fermentation technique. Beer cold fermentation has been known from centuries:  ales = warm fermented beer (  around 20° C ) , lager cold fermented  (around 8 °C ).

My favorite bread recipe: Lean bread baked in dutch oven.

As a belgian I like to bake traditional spéculoos  cookies and waffles.



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Welcome, Jacques. This is a great place as you've discovered. Your bread looks great.



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Hello Jacques! Welcome to our FreshLoaf community!

I certainly hope you will share more of your bread, waffls and cookies baking methods with us. Your bread is beautiful! 

I tried to make a batch of homemade compressed yeast once from scratch and from experience discovered the difference between upper and lower yeasts used in brewing ales and lagers. They are so different in performance!

My next door neighbour is a beermeister educated in Germany and he told me about two kinds of yeasts before, but I could not understand him until I saw it with my own eyes, my own homemade compressed yeasts for lager and ale. One worked in bread dough and another did not. Amazing.


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Welcome Jacques, you’re among friends here, please feel free to post your baking to your blog so we can learn from each other.  The loaf you posted looks wonderful, beautifully baked.


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Just a quick hello and welcome. And admiration of your beautiful bread!


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Biased turkey

Thank you Gavin, Mariana, Benito and Mary for making me feel welcome on this forum.

I  baked  the lean bread in dutch oven. more than 100 times. Practice makes perfect.

I bake and brew in the kitchen,  I was a little worried about  some cross contamination between my sourdough and my brewing yeasts ( I culture 3 beer strains )  . No problem so far.

Of course I'll glad  to share  the cookies and waffles technique.