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Norm's Onion Rolls via Elagins

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Norm's Onion Rolls via Elagins

Questions:  I decided to try the formula as is.  Of course there is way to much of a batch for just two people.  In the future would like to divide the dough in half.  Now, do I halve all ingredients including the yeast?

Also.  To make the topping stick better other than spritzing with some water to make it stick, is there something else that can be done to make it stay on top after baking.  Like could you brush the top with egg white?  Or would that be a No No.  

Also, haven't eaten one yet, so don't know if the inside would be airy, or dense.  Anyone have thoughts on this.  I prefer more airy, but since this dough is a stiff dough, haven't the foggiest of what is inside.  Am sure it will be tasty.

Even doing a half batch, I still might have to freeze some since like I said only two in the household and hubby is diabetic, won't give up bread, so don't want him eating it all right away, so need to freeze after baking.

Hope I get some answers.  I have had this recipe for a long, long time but never got around to trying it, although I have tried all kinds of hard rolls, etc.  '

This is still my favorite site, the First site that helped get to where I am today, but I'm still not there in the shaping department no matter how many videos I try, or how many different techniques are taught.  It's me!  I need one on one visible instructions but my breads.  My breads do come out ok, but I see so many "perfect" shaped breads, it makes me a bit envious.  

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Hi: I haven't made these particular rolls, but they're like a lot of roll recipes in that they have some oil and egg in them, so you should get a soft, light result.

Yes, you can definitely cut all the ingredients in half, or by any fraction.  Egg white glaze should be fine -- it's a great way to get things to stick.  

Rolls are fun because you really don't need to worry about shaping, and as long as they get enough time to rise they come out well.  Enjoy!

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Thanks for your reply.  Will try Egg White Glaze