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Bonjour there

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Crusty Oaf

Bonjour there

Howdy guys


I've had an account on here for a little while now but been to scared to post anything. It was quite overwhelming seeing how good you all are while I knew nothing at all.


Here I am now though armed with a little knowledge and not so scared of the big kids (That's you lmao) 


I made a blog post with a little intro on there if you feel like checking it out and maybe following my journey. 

Look forward to finding a space to fit in here and can't wait to share my bread with you all!

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Biased turkey

Welcome Crusty Oaf,

We are ll here to learn, and the most important is  to have fun homebaking.

Why don't you post a picture of your bread ?



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Welcome Crusty Oaf, you might want to fill in your profile with some information about yourself.  You’ll be helping us help you by knowing more about you if you do.  Something as simple as a location in the world can be helpful.  Canadian flours are very different from European flours, so if we know where you are then we can help more easily.

We all had to start somewhere, I started here only two years ago with only 1 year of yeasted bread baking and then started sourdough baking when I joined knowing nothing.


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Newbie baker here, and former lurker. It took me a while to start posting too. There is indeed so much support here, with new and veteran bakers sharing ideas. And plenty of info to read through as well. Reading through older posts and comments is like having a library of experience to learn from. Over the last 10 months or so, this community, past and present, had taken me from not being able to bake bread at.all to (more often than not) being able to make really tasty, simple breads. 

Good to meet you! (Oh and agreed, do fill in a couple of simple profile details, it really does help when you need assistance.)


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Welcome Crusty Oaf! A lot of us started like you. I encourage you to post your baking results good and not so good. There are plenty of accomplished bakers that can give constructive guidance and feedback.