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Hello here

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Hello here

Hi, i am Josiane and i am french.

I am a professional pastry chef and will be happy to exchange ideas and recipes with you. I am mostly familiar with French recipes but less familiar with those from the American continent even though I have been living in the US since 2018.

Thank you for your welcome

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Welcome Josiane nice to have you join and well done on filling in your info, its so much nicer to be able to click onto  someones Avatar or name and see that they are sharing some of their details, you can see a little bit about who you are interacting with and where they are from in this big wide world ,it can even help with tailoring help and advice you might be able to offer.

There does seem to be a trend of new members that are not bothering which is a real shame as i would like to think that they are the ones that wanted to be included in this large diverse family of TFL.

I must say for me personally these days it can mean the difference  of whether i choose to engage and  respond or not. Last week almost the whole column of members that posted in the general  posts had not filled in their details. 

So! very nice to know you Josiane, French Baker living in New York! look forward to seeing more of your posts 

Kind regards  Derek   and as my info reads retired baker living in Perth Western Australia. see we already know each other better! 

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Welcome. Looking forward to interacting with you.



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Welcome I am also chef.

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Thanks guys and girls for your walcom

(sorry for my poor english sometimes, but i do my best and i m training :) )

I am 38 years old and have lived for a long time in the north of France (Lille).

I worked as an accountant for a long time before I made my passion (baking) my job. My specialty is cherry clafoutis but also apple turnover. I also like to bake bread, but for us it's commonplace to bake a baguette (you can find one every 100 meters in France), a bit like a pizza for an Italian for example. On the other hand, there are a lot of desserts that I don't do perfectly  as well as my American friends (banana bread, red velevet cake, layer cake...)