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New Recipe calculator app

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New Recipe calculator app

People please try it out if you struggle with calculating and manage recipes.

its called 'Recilator' and currently available on android. trust me it will save your life and increase your speed and creativity

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This is what a spreadsheet is for.

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I played with it this morning, for non bread recipes. Entertaining data is easy. After that, it wants to scale things by kg or gm only - not serving size. So not helpful for dinner recipes. And I didn't see where it calculates hydration (if it does), though my evaluation was definitely brief. Bottom line, doesn't strike me as a particularly useful app fory purposes, FWTW.....


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Too many red flags. Wait two months before downloading it, to see if it is removed for being malware.

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It certainly looks phishy. Kinda like spam. Especially since this is all this person has posted.

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Would love to try it but my phone is not Android.

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Checked it, out nothing special, at all. Can't say about intrusive ads though, wouldn't see them even if they were there.

Search here for phazulator for a phone friendly, free, no ad, spread that'll do more. Enjoy!