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N50 reassembly

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N50 reassembly

Sorry if I missed it in the forum but I was wondering about a few things before I reassembly our  2010 N50.  It was leaking too much oil so we changed out all grease and got it shiny clean and not replacing it with synthetic Super Lube as I don't want to do this again for a long time.  It seems to work good in the KAs that used Darina #2.  We are currently just waiting for our new shims to arrive so we can adjust the planetary gear mesh before reassembly. 

The questions - this unit had a sealant between the transmission case and the motor.  The sealant is very brittle and breaking off.  I was wondering if I should just replace it with a  thin layer of silicone sealant or will it be too hard to separate the case in the future?   The manual says to soak the sleeve bearings in oil...I guess they are a porous bushing-since I am not replacing them will a few drops of oil on them be good?  No wick on this one.

Also there anything else that I should replace while I am in here that is not covered in the service manual?  Tumbler yoke springs ever break?  I don't see any noticeable wear on any gears.

Thank you


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Hi Todd,

I'm going through an N50 rebuild at the moment as well. I ended up using Mobil FM222, as others had suggested on the forum, and I was also wondering about the seals. I am going try first without anything, and I detect any leakage, I will use a thin application of a gasket-maker material on the mating surface.

To answer you other question, yes the bushings are oil-impregnated bronze.

One question for you -- did you end up removing the "eccentric shaft" during disassembly? If so, was it easy? I am having a heck of a time getting it out. I might have a bur or something where the set screw contacts it.