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starter donor

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starter donor

i recently mentioned the need to get a new donor starter as mine was unreliable and was destined for the compost tumbler. Several member of the local bread enthusiasts group kindly offered me some of theirs. i chose someone close by  and put it to work straight away. i decided to mix the dough well and do the bulk ferment undisturbed for its entirety. Things didnt go quite to plan and a family emergency meant the dough was needing to be retarded, i chose the back verandah as the nights have been getting cool and i didnt want fridge temps. In the morning the dough was shaped  and proved in a banneton and then baked in a heavy pot slow cooker insert  initially with the lid on,i did have to remove the plastic knob and just covered the hole with some foil. i do have some metal knobs in the shed somewhere that i will use to make lid removal easier.

The pot worked really well and pleased with the way the loaf came out. also pleased with the adopted starter.





The dough was from the Bourke street Bakery,  The ultimate baking companion and its their standard S/D