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Oval banneton size - 1 Kg boulot

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Oval banneton size - 1 Kg boulot

I've 10" oval bannetons that hold 1.5# loaves well, but inadequate for anything larger.  Anyone have a suggested banneton to handle 1 kg boulot dough?











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these German ones? I like mine very much, but apparently they don't sell to private individuals right now. 

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1000g should fit in the 30x14x7 one. One size down to 28x14x8 might barely fit. 


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Paul, THESE. will fit the bill. I own one and it is excellent.

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Thanks guys - 

Dan, I love these - have several from them.  Built like tanks.  I actually prefer wicker and linen - in fact, just baked off....

4# miche in one of them, lol!

I was actually looking for an oval banneton to set up larger boulots, usually 1.5# or less, but the odd time it will be a larger one.  I have 10" rattans and I think the 30 x 14 x 7 cm's yippee cites look great (thanks, yippee.  And thanks, too, jl - I'd never been to their site before.  I actually placed a query on some, so we'll see).

I hope it's OK to post a screen capture of this, as whatever Trevor is using would be about close - this is his video on doing a tartine-style country loaf, which he shapes into a boulot. 

The loaf is pretty close to what I'm looking for, at 800 grams (though it looks like he's maxed out at proof - so if I truly want to do a bigger boulot, I'd probably need the next one up - yippee's suggestion seems perfect, to me).  Is it just me, or does his banneton, too, look wider than the standard oval banneton?  Or is it just scale tricking my eyes somehow, and it's just a standard banneton (i.e., is there a "boulot" banneton, v. "vienna" shaped banneton, or whatever it would be called, to have a narrower form factor)?

Clear as mud, probably.  If anyone has seen the film series "La Gloire de Mon Pere" and Chateau de Ma Mere," let me just say, not content until somehow I pull off one of those loaves as big as the village priest...