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Slicing guide for artisan loaves.

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Slicing guide for artisan loaves.

Check this out for slicing round loaves!


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I know that the word is no longer used by younger folks but that design is "cool".  Plus you can use the rest of the board for cutting different sizes free hand.  Don't tell her this, but my wife of 54 years has a really hard time of slicing bread.  

This simple design will work for pan loafs too.


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It would be better if adjustable without the shims. It's overpriced as well. It shouldn't cost more than a new loaf pan.

And also, shameless marketing trying to drive people to your Etsy site.

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I didn't even look at the link.  The picture was all I need to make it.  But I will use maple rather than pine and treat it as I would a maple cutting board.  As to price $ 50 isn't bad, my shop rate is $75 per hour plus material, I don't charge for the welding rod, fuel for the forge or power and lights, that all in the shop rate.  Welded, forged, made from wood that the price.  What do you pay for an electrician, or plumber?  Engineering consulting is a whole lot more.  

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The price is about right; doesn't seem to be overpriced even if the knife isn't included.  The problem though is that a really long knife would have to be used here unless one wants to go through the trouble of reinserting the tip of the knife back into the guiding slit on every forward cut.