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searching for older post?

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searching for older post?

I'm trying to find some older discussions I was a part of.  I'm sure it's obvious, but can't see an "activity log" or advanced search function to search a term by member name, for instance.  Any guidance greatly appreciated.

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From the main forum page, select My Account, then Track. Doing so should take you to a list of your posts. HTH.

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Great, thanks Petek.

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You can put your username in the search box too.

Searching on: Gadjowheaty rumplestiltskin

Will return any post where you commented, or wrote the post, or someone referred to your handle, and also contains (in either the O.P. or a comment) the word "rumplestiltskin".

Or you can use a search engine like this:

That first search term is:

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Mini Oven

click on your avitar or picture which takes you straight to your account and then click on "track"

( you have to be signed in to do it or to click on any other avitars )

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Awesome!  Thanks guys.