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Forum help

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Forum help

A few minutes ago I wrote my first Forum comment. At the end, I was asked for a photo. I pressed some part of the screen and Presto my forum comment was gone. I am very curious about where it went and how I could get it back so I could finish it. Thank you for help.

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I don't see any sign of it on the website or in the database. Sorry. Try again?

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This happens to me fairly regularly while attaching photos, and before clicking "save". Things go better if I click "preview" before trying to add a photo, but not always. My guess is it has something to do with the internet refresh rate on my phone?  I have resorted to composing posts on a note app, attach photos here, then copy/paste my notes before saving/posting. I have an older phone, which probably doesn't help. 

Hope something in that ☝️ is useful!