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Tartine Oat Bread

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Tartine Oat Bread


This is a variation on Chad Robertson's Oat Porridge Bread in his book Tartine 3. It is essentially the same bread but with slightly less oat porridge and the addition of some cooked whole oat berries. It is one of my favourite breads.


  • fresh milled organic Red Fife flour, sifted (80% extraction)  20% (200g)
  • organic unbleached all purpose white flour  80% (800g)
  • filtered water  78%  (780g)
  • sea salt  2%  (20g)
  • levain (4 hours)  25% (250g) 
  • organic rolled oats, cooked  30%  (300g)
  • organic whole oat berries, cooked  7.5%  (75g)
  • flaked almonds  2.5%  (25g)

I did a 1 hour autolyse before mixing in the salt and levain, The bulk fermentaion was about 5 hours at room temperature, 30% rise; a series of stretch/folds was done every 30 minutes for the first two hours with the oat porridge, cooked oat berries and flaked almonds added after the second series. The FDH after additions was probably around 80-82%, by feel.  I separated the dough into two loaves, rested them for 30 minutes and then did the final shaping.  The loaves were cold proofed overnight for about 12 hours in linen lined wicker baskets with some rolled oats sprnkled along the sides of the loaves ( I like to leave the tops of the loaves bare to show the crust colour).  

The loaves were baked directly from the fridge in a pre-heated oven, covered pots, 500 F for twenty minutes, 450 F for ten minutes and then finished out of the pots directly on a baking stone, 19 minutes.   










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From the rich, deep color of the crust to the moist, custardy crumb, it couldn't be any better. I really like your modifications to the Tartine recipe, and I'm planning on trying it soon. 


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Really nice bake.  Oats are one of my favorite add ins as well.  Beautiful color to the crust and very nice blistering!

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David, lovely baking!  Lovely crumb especially with the amount of porridge you added, very well done.  I bet it tastes amazing and has a soft moist texture.  

I am still letting my miso ferment by the way, I’ve just updated my blog post on it, I think it has a bit of Tamari developing at the top.

Stay safe.