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Has anyone found a home dough sheeter?

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Has anyone found a home dough sheeter?

I've seen some interesting ones on Etsy, not sure how well they work. I want to make crossaints at home without the pain of manual rolling.

I'm surprised no one has tried to enter this market with a fancy, compact sheeter machine.

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people have discussed using slab rollers for the purpose here before.

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...has built several iterations for croissant laminating, starting with plywood, moving to 3d printed components (and even collaborated with another YouTuber who's a seriously talented machinist (ThisOldTony) to build a really amazing one, as I recall).

Here's I think his latest iteration. It's open-source (files are here), and powered by any cordless hand-drill.

If I were to build it, I'd probably swap in a geared motor and mount it. Not sure exactly which I'd pick, but a quick look on Amazon I see e.g. reversible worm-gear high-torque motors in speeds from anywhere in the 5-50rpm range running maybe $15-30. You could also put on a foot-pedal.

In fact, that got me thinking and on Amazon found a kit of a foot pedal and 110v 100 watt, 1A sewing machine motor, plus belt, for US$25. Probably not a ton of torque, but it'd have speed (claims 6krpm, one user said actually probably closer to double that) and you could gear it down to trade that off (in fact one purchaser did just that and even supplied photos! - here's one - although he also said the foot pedal was low-quality and recommended just getting an old, quality sewing machine at a thrift store for the same amount and stripping it...)

OK, now I'm thinking and probably going to ruin my day - just what I needed, another project - nah, not gonna happen, plus I got a levain built for a couple of loaves of classic Tartine miche to get going on. But if anyone starts running with this, lmk - happy to swap notes and thoughts! (I'm pretty good at that kind of thing - I build a lot of stuff.) - Cheers, Andrew C.

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I've seen this, I wonder how well it works though. It's much simpler than Alex's, but it's manual. It's a rolling pin, cutting board, a few nuts and bolts, plus two clamps.

I wonder what everyone else thinks of it.

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