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Spiral mixer advice needed!

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Spiral mixer advice needed!

Hi, any advice would be appreciated.  I’m looking at upgrading my spiral mixer.  I have a small bakery and our focus has shifted slightly from retail into wholesale.  Currently we mix our sourdough and ciabatta in a 30ltr planetary mixer as our spiral mixer is a cheap single speed machine that just doesn’t do the job.  I’ve looked at Sunmix they have two machines one with dual speed (70 & 210 rpm) and one with a multi speed range of 0 -300 rpm.  I guess I’m just wanting to see if I need the larger speed range or if 210rpm is sufficient for mixing sourdough.  Or does anyone have any other machines worth looking at?  Thanks

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Martin from KAF

I would check over on bakers 4 bakers (google search will link to the forum). There are quite a few cottage and small bakery folks who might be able to put you in the right direction. 

My additional advice would be to make sure that any model you buy can be serviced locally or at least regionally. A good deal is no good if you can't have a tech fixing it within 24 hours or so. It will break. We all do.

Good luck!