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No Knead Bread

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No Knead Bread


My husband wanted "Carraba's" bread, so I made some No-Knead Bread based on Jim Lahey's. This bread is about 90% hydration, I think it's easier to work with than the lower ones since I can feel when the dough needs to rest better (it's dramatically different).

  No Knead Bread

  •  100g Bread Flour
  • 73g All Purpose Flour
  • 156g water
  • 4g Salt
  • 2g Yeast

  Mixed all and let sit in a container for 11 hours at about 74F. Mixture was bubbly and smelled fermented in the morning. Put in the refrigerator for about 1.5 hours. Lightly floured the top and did some stretch and folds in the bowl. Let sit for 30 minutes. Sprinkled a pinch of an Italian seasoning blend, then sprinkled on more flour and did more stretch and folds in the bowl.


Left out for about 30 minutes. Not quite doubled.


Preheated oven for 425F. Stretched the dough out a bit and did some finger poking all over it instead of scoring. Baked for 20 minutes. Took it out and rubbed a butter stick on the top. Put back in for 5 more minutes. Bread temperature read 205F.


Bread was puffed up like a balloon. It was about 1/2” tall before going into the oven. I probably should've scored it or let it do it's final rise longer. But no explosions at least!



This is for lunch so I'll report back on how it tastes later.

Update: It tasted pretty good, but too chewy for me. I think that's the bread flour though, so maybe less bread flour and more all purpose flour. The seasoning was very subtle, two pinches needed if not using an oil with seasoning dipping sauce. To make it really good, it needs some onion-garlic-salt-butter brushed on top after baking. I prefer garlic on top of bread instead of in it.

I'm not big on big holes, this sopped up pasta sauce pretty well. Next time I'll let it rise fully before putting in and see how big the holes are.


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Great idea, baking a small loaf for lunch or whatever. I bet it would make a nice little gift loaf for someone as well. 

I can definitely tell the difference in chew when I use more bread flour. It's not bad, just different.

And not sure where you are located? If you have access to something called "Everything But The Bagel" seasoning, you might enjoy that? I've been meaning to try it out, sprinkled on top of the dough. 

Happy baking!

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I'm in the USA and have seen that seasoning but never really looked at it because I'm not really a bagel fan. I will look for it at the store next time though.

Small loaves mean that I can try out a new flavor without worrying about it going wrong and having to throw it away. But for now I think I need to work on developing the gluten, since it doesn't really hold it's shape quite right. I have a bad habit of stopping too late on stuff so I tend to stop early.