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First try using Emmer flour

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First try using Emmer flour

This is just a simple 1:2:3 bread with 30% of the flour being organic stoneground Australian Emmer flour.

Levain:  Thursday afternoon first refresh.  20 g refrigerated starter + 20 g water + 20 g bread flour

Thursday evening before bed 50 g first build + 50 g water + 50 g flour. leave over night on bench, room temperature dropped to about 19°C.  

Friday about 9 am refrigerated as I had to go out.

Friday midday remove levain from fridge

12:15 pm autolyse 113 g Emmer flour + 262 g bread flour + 250 g water

 mix on speed 1 until all incorporated about 2 minutes. cover and leave

13:00 pm:  Add 125 g levain and mix 2 minutes on speed 1.  Added 6.75 g salt and mixed another 2 minutes. Very soft dough but not too sticky.  So whilst I sprayed oil in bulk fermentation container I gave it another minute on speed 1.  I didn’t want to over mix, rather just enough and build the rest of strength with folds. 

13:15 pm Cover and rest 30 minutes

13:45 pm Coil folds.  This was repeated 3 more times with dough getting better each fold

I was heading out so at 17:05 pm I preshaped dough then at 17:20 pm final shape and into banneton and then the refrigerator.  A little concerned as I prefer to give the dough a little bench time before retarding.

This morning,preheated oven and DO to 240°C. Scored, then spritzed dough and popped it into the oven for 15 minutes with lid on then 16 minutes lid off.   Internal temperature 98°C (208° F).

So far looking good!  this dough was lovely to work with even though it was very soft.  I think hydration would be 71-72%.  

The big test is of course the crumb - will post later when cut.  will up the % of Emmer next time but doubt I will go to 100% because of cost and availability.




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Wow Leslie, that loaf looks wonderful!  I love the blisters you’ve achieved.  I need to get some emmer sometime and try it.  Can’t wait to see the crumb, I’m sure I’ll be lovely.


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I think the best I have had for a while !  I guess I will have to try again with a higher % emmer.


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Wow, looks great, inside and out! Is the emmer flour you're using whole grain, or extracted?

As for the cost and how much to use, I'm reminded of a quote from Thomas Keller: "It's important to use enough truffles. Offering just one slice is wasteful, because you don't get its full impact."
Obviously that's a more "extreme" case in terms of both flavors and price, but since you've gone to the trouble of sourcing an unusual flour, I can imagine it is worth using enough to feel satisfied that you've really experienced the ingredient - at least for one loaf.

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Next bake definitely higher percentage.  I think it is whole grain but I will try and find out - you can see the little flecks of bran and it is quite finely ground.  


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A very nice looking loaf Leslie, and I agree with Benny on the blisters.  A successful first bake with Emmer!

How is the injury coming along?  Hope the healing is going well.

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when I sliced the loaf, but would like the Emmer flavour to be a bit more pronounced.  

The wrist is improving provided I don’t over do things, so I really happy my mixer is doing a good job. I can’t imagine  not being able to bake my own bread any more, lol. 


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And ancient ones at that!  Very nice indeed,  that crumb is to die for.

Happy baking Leslie 

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Must admit I miss your baking stories!  Hope all is well with you and yours.

I am still baking but there is only me these days so just not so often.  Very happy with how this turned out though. 

Bake happy dabrownman ?