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All purpose SD with spelt and inclusions

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All purpose SD with spelt and inclusions

I'm not a fan of very tangy/acidic sourdough bread, that's why I normally don't proof my loaf for extended periods in the fridge. The only time an overnight loaf didn't taste very sour was when I used a stiff starter and there were cinnamon sugar and raisins in the loaf.

My liquid starter Prune is slowly getting back to normal but it’s not peaking at its usual 4 hours yet. For this loaf, it almost-peaked at 6 hours but I used it anyway. I used Maurizio’s all-purpose sourdough but adjusted it for a smaller loaf with a bit of spelt flour, cranberries, walnuts and sugared orange zest.

The inclusions were added in the 2nd hour of bulk fermentation. I rubbed 1 tbsp of sugar with the orange zest and mixed this into the dough with the chopped cranberries and toasted walnuts.

Because I started mixing late (blame Prune ?), the final proof started only at 7pm. So, the loaf stayed at room temperature for 2 hours and then, left to chill next to the milk on the bottom shelf of the fridge.

For some reason my oven did not stay at 230°C (reduced from 250°C preheat) after the loaf was placed in it early this morning (kitchen was 21°C). It dropped to 230° then, hovered at 220°C so I timed the bake anyway – 45 minutes.

And, the zest use was worth it! The acidic tang was there yet mild but barely noticeable thanks to the aroma from the orange zest. The next time I make this loaf, I will add the zest and sugar at the beginning of bulk fermentation so the zest gets incorporated thoroughly. Probably better to preheat my oven more than 45 minutes, and bake longer for a thicker crust.

Like my 6" small cake pan, I use a small 8" banneton for such small loaves (enough for 6-8 slices). I cover this with a sewn double layer cover from high thread-count cotton pillowcase (we've way too many for 2 people!) and trusty shower caps (I gather them from our travels). The cotton cover and shower cap are also used for my mixing bowls.

Help: can anyone tell me how do I adjust my posts to eliminate those extra spaces?

23 Apr 2021 update: I've got it! it's a little tedious but the Insert file feature works better than the media browser. And to shift+enter:)


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I love cranberry and orange, they compliment each other so well along with the walnuts.  Your loaf looks really tasty and well baked, good bake Christi.

As far as the spacing goes, mine are all the same so if there is a way to fix it, let me know too.


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Thanks so much for offering so many ideas and advice with awesome photos in Instagram and here Benny. I'm a long way from experts like you and I'm happily learning each day.

Regarding said spaces: While its easier to upload directly from my phone, I realize I do miss using my laptop to type! Anyway I explored the "Insert/edit image" feature and found out how much easier it is to insert photo after it's uploaded to the server (the server tells me I've 5.86GB space for this)



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That’s a nice looking loaf, and the cranberries and walnuts sound great!

I keep looking for the shower caps during my hotel stays, but nobody seems to put them out anymore.  Going to have to just place the order for some.  They look handy, and brilliant on repurposing the pillow cases!