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Semolina Pain au Levain Bake #2

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Semolina Pain au Levain Bake #2

The request for a loaf to go with dinner tomorrow was "something Italian".  So...  Semolina Pain au Levain bake #2.

This one went well and was easier than the first one.  I didn't worry quite so much about degassing while rolling in the toasted sesame seeds, and I think I got them on better.

Starter pre-shaping at 75%.  Didn't degas as hard as yesterday's sandwich loaf, but patted it down enough to make sure I didn't have any big gas pockets.  The crust colored up nice.  Wish I would have made the side scores a little longer and deeper, but that's being finicky.

Will see if this one makes it till tomorrow before it gets sliced.  Those toasted sesame seeds smell good!


Bubbly poolish


Taking the lid off


EDIT: Crumb added...


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You really are a quick study Troy, I’ve very impressed.  The loaf is well seeded.  The oven spring is also great too.  That’ll be one tasty bread to go with your Italian dinner.


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Thank you Benny.  I appreciate the vote of confidence!  Some days it clicks.  Some days I feel like I'm all thumbs.  This bake seemed to go pretty good.  Will hold the final verdict until I make the first slice.

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What a lovely seeded loaf. Benny is right, you have a natural talent for all this. 

I may need to find someone who enjoys sesame seeds in bread so I can play (hubby is not a fan). Loaves like this always get my mouth watering. ?

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Thank you Mary!  Learning with each bake.

Sounds like the perfect excuse to have a loaf for yourself!  They really do taste awesome on this recipe.  ;-)