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44.4% Wholemeal Potato Rosemary & Cheese loaf

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44.4% Wholemeal Potato Rosemary & Cheese loaf

Going to a lunch time gathering tomorrow and i am making a 44.4% Wholemeal Potato Rosemary and Cheese loaf. It was going to be a Sour Dough version but my starter has been sluggish recuperating from its slumber in the freezer. It will recover just may need a few feeds to gain its vigor. So a conventional bulk fermented fresh yeast dough it is.

I'm also going to do another batch of those Cinnamon Knots, slightly different this time as i'm thinking of adding currants which have been soaking in a drop of Port for more than 24 hours directly onto the cinnamon sugar paste so as not to squish the fruit. that dough will be made first thing in the morning.



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That looks beautiful Derek and I bet will taste great.  Looking forward to your updated cinnamon knots, the currants will be amazing soaked in port!


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Thanks Benny ,10 hours to go before i make  those.knots.

This loaf should be interesting as i upped the Rosemary to 2% as it looked sparse when i added just 1%. Grated the cheddar and butter into the mashed potato to add that to the dough which was then added at 20%.

regards Derek


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Can you share your recipe, Derek? I’d love to try it. Thank you!

- Christi 

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Hi Christi always happy to share. I worked this formula out but its slightly out because i hadn't allowed for the amount of cheese and butter originally! so at the end i have the revised formula  taking into account what it should be for 800g of dough

I first soaked 200g of wholemeal flour that i had with the 270g of water that was going to be required for this dough whilst i prepared the other things i was going to be usingI.

I boiled a couple of potatos then mashed them with butter and cheese whilst still hot my aim was for 90g of potato (20%), butter 9g (2%),  grated cheddar 45g  (10%).  salt 9g (2%). liquid  malt 9g (2%). chopped fresh Rosemary 9g (2%). compressed yeast 9g (2%) and the rest of the plain flour 250g.  I added the Rosemary right at the end and was worried it could be too much  but no it was fine and wonderfully aromatic as it turned out

The dough was mixed by hand on the bench and bulk fermented for two hours  or just under, it felt quite silky  no doubt from the melted cheese and potato which was added when sufficiently cooled this also allowed the wholemeal to steep for longer.

The dough was taken handed up and given 10 minutes rest before dividing into four pieces rolled out and plaited i lined the cold Romertoph with baking paper and placed the plait in there to proof inside a plastic bag and for the first time i soaked the Romertoph lid. at 3/4 proof i washed the top of the dough piece with a boiled cornflour  paste wash and sprinkled a mixture of poppy and white sesame seeds. i had the gas oven  up to   500 C as the Romertoph was going in room temp. i kept the lid on and the temp up for the first 15 minutes then removed the lid for the completion of the bake.

A tip for the potato mash it is easy to make a larger amount at the same ratio and just weigh of the required amount for the dough, and use the rest for a snack, i used to love cheesy mashed poatoes and sausages as a kid   


 flour 100%

salt 2%

malt 2%

yeast 2%

potato 20%

butter 2%

chedder cheese 10%

fresh rosemary 2%

water 60%

 total percentages = 200% 

if you divide the amount of dough you require by 200 it will give you the value of 1% then you just apply that to each ingredient,

               so if you wanted 800g of dough   divide by total percentages  200  and 1% value would be = 4g

 flour 100%                                    400g

salt 2%                                             8g

malt 2%                                            8g

yeast 2%                                          8g

potato 20%                                     80g

butter 2%                                         8g

chedder cheese 10%                      40g

fresh rosemary 2%                          8g

water 60%                                   240g

 regards Derek


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now I’ve a longer list of recipes to try. :)

Update 5 May 2021: I made a tiny change to your recipe and made herb, ham & cheese buns instead. Thanks again for the recipe Derek. :)

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Great looking bake Derek.  I’m sure this must have tasted as good as it looks.

Happy baking!


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Thanks Ian i was very good and it all went very quickly perfect accompaniment to the Black bream we caught just recently. not a crumb left  and the cinnamon knots also did the disappearing trick too.