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Amateur baker from South East Asia!

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Amateur baker from South East Asia!

Hi all! I am an amateur baker from SEA! I mostly bake soft enriched breads that you find in Asian bakeries! I don't really have anyone around me who bakes so I'm excited to be able to join a community of fellow bread lovers :) 

I decided to join the site after mostly visiting the forums to troubleshoot my baking issues in hopes of improving my own skills and perhaps helping others with my own experience as well! 

Thanks for reading and happy baking! :D


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Hi D where abouts are you located South East Aisa is a big area, your Avater doesn't show us info either. You will be suprised when you actually state a location  how far and wide this community is. i have met up with quite a few members from different countries just by knowing them through my Avatar and you will see my location and info popup, can be a big help when someone is needing assistance.

Look forward to seeing some of your bakes 

kind regards Derek

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I’m from Malaysia but living in Canada now. Where are you from?

- Christi