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Hello from Vermont!

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Hello from Vermont!

Hi I'm Sue - 

I have finally gotten to the point where I'm happy with my sourdough, and now I want to do variations on it. I got interested in this kind of baking after accidentally wandering into the Poilane bakery in Paris, in 2003. I asked for a baguette and they gave me That Look.... and I left with half a miche. 

I had the idea that people in my community would be interested in SD baking during the pandemic, but surprisingly few of them show interest. I am personally always amazed by what happens if you know what to do with flour, water and salt. I'm here to learn.

picture is yesterday's bake: 45% Bronze Chief ww flour, 80% hydration, 2.5 lb loaf baked in a clay baker

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Welcome to the site, and I look forward to seeing your bakes as you experiment.  A very friendly and helpful community here.  I just started baking sourdough in November, and the folks here have been a huge help!

BTW...  Beautiful loaf!  

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thank you very much!

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Lol, sourdough is alive in Vermont, at least at my house! But over the years i found it's not a real popular thing in most places. No matter, I like it, so i make it! Oh did i mention I'm also in Vermont? Anyway, enjoy your stay!! Enjoy! 

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Hi Sue, welcome to TFL.  Looking forward to seeing you share your bakes.  There is a blog function here that you can use to post all of your baking so if you want to go bake and review your previous bakes you can easily.  It also allows other bakers to see what you’ve created.

Happy baking.


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I will check out the blog area! -- Sue