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45% whole grain (mostly rye) everything but the bagel and trailmix loaves

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45% whole grain (mostly rye) everything but the bagel and trailmix loaves

My grain source is undergoing some changes and is temporarily closed so I'm running really low on supplies (other than rye). I am breaking more intuitively these days since I'm short on time, but the bread is about 35% rye, 5% whole wheat, and 5% whole spelt. The remainder is KABF. 2% salt, 20% rye levain, and 6 hour bulk around 70 degrees followed by overnight in the fridge. 

I had made some trail mix for my husband as he needed to take a short road trip (dried banana, cranberries, raisin, walnut, and almonds). I threw what he didn't finish into one loaf. In the other loaf I added everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joe's (salt, garlic, onion, sesame, poppy seeds). 

Really tender and delicious loaves. Nothing to look at, but I like these a lot. 


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Looks like a delicious loaf Ilene, they look nice and rustic perfect for the flours used.  Nice to see you posting again.


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I like the rustic look of these loaves. The crumb looks delicious. The spontaneous inclusions would add a nice flavour dimension. I'm hungry now....

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Great idea to use TJ's Everything seasoning. That would be so tasty for sandwiches, or with soup, toasted with a side of eggs..... Yum!