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Panettone: Is doing this really necessary ??

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Panettone: Is doing this really necessary ??

Hello, guys. In these last few months I have been trying to learn about panettones, then, I just registered here because I was wondering why making the primo impasto, let it triple in volume and only after that make the final dough. Could someone explain me what would be the differences in the final bread if I made just one dough?

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Pannettone is one of the most complex breads to start with. A sweet,naturally levained, enriched with fats,aged to deteriorate the gluten without the gluten losing its strength.

In short, you need a strong prima impasto in order to survive long enough to raise a sweet,enriched dough (against its nature to raise) and deteriorate the gluten without becoming proteolytic (well within its normal modus operandi). I'm not just throwing words around-these are some of the concepts you must understand. But all learning curves have failure points that are opportunities to learn.

Start the process! Start with google and the search box here and ask endless questions. That is what this forum is all about.

Welcome aboard!