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(Vegan) doughnuts - dense & dry!

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(Vegan) doughnuts - dense & dry!


I’m trying to perfect vegan doughnuts and they’re coming out dense and chewy and don’t seem to hold their softness/moisture for very long once they’ve cooled down after they come out the fryer. Out of the fryer the texture to touch is perfectly light and soft, yet eating them they’re still a little dense and slightly chewy and probably lack some moisture... later when they’re fully cool they’re dense, heavy and chewy.


400g plain flour

1600g strong white flour

35g yeast

1090g water

80g organic palm shortening

20g sunflower oil

350g sugar

5g salt

1) Melt 80g organic palm shortening (leave to cool to room temp), add 20g sunflower oil

2) 1090g water at 30 degrees C, add 35g dried active yeast, leave to bloom (about 5-10 mins)

3) 400g plain flour, 600g strong white flour, 350g sugar, 5g salt & mix in mixer bowl

4) add water & yeast mix to mixer bowl along with 12g egg replacer (plus 2.5 teaspoons water - equivalent to 4 whole eggs), mix with paddle.

5) add 1000g of bread flour (500g, 250g then 250g) and mix on slow until dough starts to come together

6) add the fats and mix until fully comes together. Mix on medium speed for 8 minutes (window pane test)

7) place in oiled bowl to rise for an hour at room temp, punch down, put in fridge for overnight ferment - approx 12 hours.

8) take out fridge, roll out, cut out. Put in proofer for an hour at 28 degrees C

9) fry at 180 degrees C


any input/help is appreciated 



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Mini Oven

5g for 2k flour?  Try 1% of the flour weight. Or 20g  that is the most obvious to me.   

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Very low hydration.  Have you eaten a version of this recipe that is to your liking? 


If you are making vegan food, do I assume correctly you do it for health reasons/benefits?  If yes, I suggest eliminating the palm oil shortening, laden with saturated fat as it is.   Find another fat. Or use dairy, as should be done.