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Hallo, new member

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Hallo, new member

Hallo von Deutschland.  New expat from good old USA. I baked on and off in CA. Tartine got me started baking bread. The selection of bread in Germany is excellent however  I feel I can do better than our favorite local bakery, ha, ha. I am still having a little trouble with the flours;  in time though, I hope to create my own mix for a high hydration bread that we love. I would prefer to mainly use Roggen (rye), Dinkel (spelt) and Einkorn with a little bit of wheat. 

Viele Gruße

PanBreadBrot a.k.a. Alicia

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Lovely loaf there.

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Welcome here! As you may have seen there is a wealth of information here and many friendly members to help each other out. Depending where you live right now you may have a hard time doing better than local bakeries. I don't know how good your German is since there are some excellent German  websites that are run by very knowledgable bakers. One that I really like is:

Keep on baking!


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Thank you for the link.