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My name is Karen.  I've been a baker for all of my life, not professionally, just as a hobbyist.  Over the past 4 years I've been baking sourdough and attempting to improve my loaves.  Most recently I've been using the Tartine technique and have been delighted with the loaves.

I'd like to experiment with heritage grains, so any recommendations of a good miller would be appreciated.  I bake once a week, 1000 gram batch that yields two good sized loaves at minimum.  Sometimes I'll use the discard to create a poolish for a third, but that usually requires AP flour.

All the Best!


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Hi and welcome aboard.                        

Grain sources sort of depend on your location, unless you're willing to pay high shipping costs.

Where're ya located?

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I'm just ne of Houston.

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Ear envy 😄. If you happen to be in the greater Vancouver area, in BC Canada, Anita’s flours is a good local mill.  If you google and find their website you can get more info on how to access their products. 

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Thank you!

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hello, how are you