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Hobart/Baxter Mini Rack Ovens

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Hobart/Baxter Mini Rack Ovens

Anyone have any thoughts on these ovens? Been operating my bakery for almost a year and the 2 convection ovens we are using, just aren't enough. I don't have a lot of space so this, in theory, would work really well.

I currently bake tons of croissants, puff pastry items, brioche based pastry (cinnamon rolls, danish, etc). We also make a lot of traditional NY style bagels.

Trying to grow our selection to include cookies (American and European style), bars, brownies. I've picked up a large wholesale customer who wants 1200 brioche rolls a week. I'll be making milk bread, focaccia, babka and Challah. Perhaps some loaf breads.

The one in question is a Hobart brand, all electric model. The electric model would be helpful, at the moment, because of space and proximity to the gas line. I'm not sold on it. Trying to get opinions.