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60% dark rye, 20% SG HE wheat

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60% dark rye, 20% SG HE wheat

This is 60% dark rye, 20% high extraction wheat (stone ground, with a lot bran), and 20% strong bread flour.

Have never used bread flour for breads before, that's a first!

This 1,450g loaf only took 3g of starter to make.  Interestingly, this 84°F temperature rye starter after several weeks of maintenance have acquired the aromatic notes of plum butter, very much like my CLAS starter.  The recipe is similar to the previous bread in which about half of the rye is scalded with both red and diastatic rye malts and ground spices.



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Ilya Flyamer

Looking forward to the crumb shot - your rye breads look great!

I am still unsure what can cause cracks along the perimeter on top though that you got this time.

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This looks great, really nicely rounded top! I have never worked with malts, and don't understand what they do, what they bring to various breads, I  should look at that. 

Looking forward to the crumb shot. 

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Beautiful loaf with a stunning top crust, love the sheen.  Looking forward to seeing the crumb!


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Thank you guys!  The crumb turned out okay, could have been better with a tad longer BF and final proof.  I guess the excessively round top crust and side cracks come from not enough proofing before baking.  The taste isn't what I want to repeat, either because of 20% of this stone ground, high extraction wheat flour with too earthy a flavour, or because I only used half of both molasses and sugar.  Next time will definitely reduce the amount of dough in the tin. I suspect some of the denser crumb right next to the tin walls and bottom might have come from the overload.