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Newbie saying Hi.

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Newbie saying Hi.

Newbie here from Vancouver, WA. I Just found the site and looking forward to learning all about bread making.. Few weeks ago I made a loaf of Struan using the recipe out of Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads every Day.

It turned out great. the only thing is it was a 48hr CF so you sort of have to figure out in advance when you want/need bread.

I decided to try and make it again but sort of changed the process to speed things up a little

Made a poolish that fermented for 15hrs at RT

Then mixed the rest of the dough and let rise. Was not sure how much IDY to use so that was all a bit of a guess. Turned out pretty good.

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Your struan looks great!

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Sure looks good on the outside.  Please upload a photo of the crumb once you’ve sliced it.  A post without a crumb is like a day without sunshine.

Welcome to TFL, hope you keep posting your bakes.


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I still haven't made this one but hope to try it eventually.  I seem to recall this is or was Peter Reinhart's favorite.