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Baking temps with deck oven and how to load??

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Baking temps with deck oven and how to load??

Querying the sourdough hive mind:

1) I’m brand new to the deck oven world after using a Rofco B40 for 2 years. I used to heat the oven to 270C for my sourdoughs (dropping temp for first half of bake.) Now that I have control over top and bottom temps, just wondering if you have any suggestions on good temps to get me started. How much of a variation between top and bottom heating elements do you use? Should one always be hotter than the other? 

2) I have an ABS 2 pan, 2 deck oven. I’m struggling with a quick and efficient method of loading the doughs into the oven. I’m not going to buy a loading deck—if it even exists for this oven. What is your process for getting 12 loaves into the oven in a quick manner?

thanks for your suggestions!