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Double Loaf Pans to Create Steam

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Double Loaf Pans to Create Steam

​A while ago, I read about bakers using a loaf pan and covering it with an identical pan over the top to create steam. I'm now interested in this and before I buy these pans (which ones is another question) I wonder if anyone has any experience with this method. I wonder if the top pan stays put and if the seal is adequate. Shopping around online (this is February 2021), I'm not having much luck seeing which ones might work. I would welcome any insight from someone with this experience or suggestions on brands. Thanks!

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Check out Steve Gamelin's PMDO video (Poor mans dutch oven). His bread recipies are easy and the PMDO is detailed in his video too. He shows several options.

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This one is on sale in app.

There are discussions on the forum about using graniteware to generate steam.


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I have had some successful bakes in our graniteware roaster. A couple of batards (not at the same time), and on occasion I have put a loaf pan inside as an experiment - worked great! Could I have achieved a more artisan result using other methods? Possibly. But for our budget (and storage capacity) this has proven to be a good work-around for the time being. 

Edit, adding a photo of a recent graniteware baked batard:

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...To cover a loaf pan with another loaf pan, it wasn’t pretty. Not exactly a disaster, but less than ideal. Some dough baked onto the upper pan so a large chunk of of the top crust was damaged on unmolding. Better solution for me is graniteware roaster over loaf on baking stone. I surround the loaf with 6-10 ice cubes before covering. A large stainless bowl would probably cover a bread pan.

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