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Swedish Rye inspired by Abe’s recent post

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Swedish Rye inspired by Abe’s recent post

After reading Abe’s recent post of his beautiful Swedish rye bread bake, I couldn’t stop thinking about the flavors—in particular the addition of orange rind to a dark rye bread. So I gave it a go, using the Breadtopia recipe  rather than Abe’s slightly modified version. The bread came out beautifully. The initial flavor was a bit too sour for me, but after about 48 hours of maturation, it was perfect! It’s unusually light and airy for a bread with such a high proportion of whole rye (50%). And, it’s really an easy recipe with little hands on time. Which is good because this is one sticky, gooey dough!


Thank you so much Abe for posting about this delicious recipe!


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This is on my list of things to bake. It looks and sounds so good!

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Abe (not verified)

When proofed in a banneton and baked free standing. That is a lovely loaf Charlotte and glad you're enjoying this marvellous recipe. All who try it, love it. You are correct when you say for a rye it's surprisingly light with a good texture. 

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Another great bake Charlotte, you're on a roll.


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It looks perfect!