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Salzburger MT 12 or 18?

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Salzburger MT 12 or 18?


I am looking at Salzburger natural granite stone mill. Im wondering if anyone has experience eith the MT12 and MT18?

The MT12 spins at 1250 rpm and has a 105mm stone and a 550 watt motor.

The MT18 spins at 850 rpm and has a 120mm stone and a 900 watt motor.


Im just wondering which one grinds grain at a cooler rate and produces a nicer/finer flour?

Not caring about price or needing to make a lot of flour I am just after which one ideally grinds the nicest and coolest regardless if you make bread every day or 1 loaf every month.


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I don't own one but would recommend you email them. I was considering one a few years ago and reached out. They really were helpful. There are a few owners on this site but I'm not sure if they're active. If you search for salzburger and read old posts you could always private message those that have them. If you don't get a reply to this post, that might be something worth trying.  Good luck!